Nikon D600

Nikon today announced the 24MP full frame Nikon D600 camera. With it’s 24MP it matches or exceeds every full frame SLR camera (bar the Nikon D800) and comes in at a price point of the top end of non-full frame SLRs!

For those that have been follow the rumors the Nikon D600 basically lives up to them. It is essentially a full frame Nikon D7000 (a high-end APS-C frame SLR).

Nikon D600 highlights

Coming in as the least expensive full frame DSLR on the market it has a full frame (36x24mm) CMOS sensor and takes pictures at 5.5 frames a second. It can capture 1080p HD video at 30, 25 or 24 frames per second and can, surprisingly, stream uncompressed footage out. The later is very useful for progressional video shoots!

It has a 100% coverage viewfinder and a 39-point autofocus system which has proved very reliable in other Nikon cameras.

As for the body it has a Magnesium-alloy top and rear, polycarbonate front-plate. This compare to the Nikon D800 which is full mag-alloy.

Nikon D600 market position

It is said to be aimed at  enthusiast photographers which basically means it is not quite at durable as those aimed a professionals. However I can see many a Wedding photographer gravitating to this. The 24MP files will be much more easily adjustable on a computer and the 5.5 frame rate will come in useful in grabbing the action at the event.

Nikon D600 availability and price

The Nikon D600 will be available from September 18th at a list price of $2,099 body only, or $2,699 with the 24-85mm F3.5-5.6 lens.